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Considering that this "Memorandum ... is consistent with the Council's ruling, our version 8012-(2) and our minutes should be published", I have read the relevant declarations prepared by me.I read them to the judge, Mr. Hamilton Sassenen, President Baxter Clifton, and the officers of the court in charge. Judge Hamilton told me that he had signed a mandate that "as our only common counsel, Mr. Julius Stanton will represent the interests of the United States."
Judge Gaines gave the council members attending the meeting fairly clear directives, as those directives were formulated in the real Government. Mr. Packard, we understand that you enjoyed the discussion you had with me, Mr. Coleman, which was important in understanding the essence of the concept of private prosecution. Now, it's time to acknowledge that as a result of our discussions, we have come to a consensus on the details. The government has clear instructions on this part.
And he was right, we did come to a unanimous decision, but we never discussed one thing or a decision that they did not like. We discussed the details and they agreed that we have the right to prosecute him "for activities that would threaten American interests in India." We discussed everything according to our text.
I ask you to remember one thing. Today I deal only with serious crimes against all mankind. I ask you to affirm that this is so.
Another judge, Mr. Paterson, told me, "There is no reason to believe that Mr. Packard has the political opinions that make him interested in the implementation of the policies pursued by him."
I understand why you don't like Mr Packard. But I'm not trying to make it difficult for him. His political views are his own business.
"It doesn't matter if he has US citizenship or not," he said. He has no right to wear British uniforms. He is not a Royal Navy officer when represented by the Board of Trustees."
Mr. Patterson then remarked that Today's session should not particularly touch on the substance of this fe70933767