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Phir Bewafaai Movies Hindi Free Download NEW!

Phir Bewafaai Movies Hindi Free Download ✔
Enjoy Bewafai starring Prana, Vijay Arora, A.n Hangal, Meenakshi Sheshadri, Tina Munim, Rajinikanth, .
Bewafan Aurora
Length 33 cm.
Weight - ~ 75 grams.
Material: stylized carved bone, wood.
Price 5500 .
In stock.
We ship to anywhere in the world.
Standard delivery: 5 pcs.
For an additional fee, I can make codes by writing in detail the codes of each fish.
Language: Marine chicken.
Manufacturer: Chika, Japan.
parrot fish
Horaka, one of the smallest fish species, is distributed only in the Pacific and Indian seas. It belongs to the labyrinth family and is widely distributed throughout the world, with the exception of the cold northern seas. During the breeding season, these fish behave quite aggressively.
Diving, as if in search of food, they swim to a depth of several meters and suddenly jump out of the water from a distance of more than a meter.
Horoka chooses deep places for habitat, but not too dry. Digests benthic organisms and algae. Grows up to 10 cm.
All fish have an average body length of 9 to 20 cm. Their size is determined only by their coloration. In representatives of this species, the body is mostly white or cream. The head is also painted white, there is also a darker color - it depends on the color of the water.
The mouth is almost completely divided into six parts and their curved nose is well suited for obtaining food. In addition, Horoka are able to filter water, trapping particles, and can also change its acidity, which allows them to stay on the surface longer.
Eyes on benthic organisms are rarely located. Usually there are small outgrowths at the tip of the nose and at the place of the mouth.
The Horok has all the bones. It is very soft and soft to the touch fish. His body, on the one hand, is compressed by bones, and on the other, loose. Horaka with very thin belly scales and fins that widen slightly laterally. It is characterized by a not very large head with bulging eyes.
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